BOTR vol 16

Here is volume 16 of my Best of the Remix series here on The World Forgot.  Consider it my Christmas gift to you all.  Get some rest, spend time with family, and most of all enjoy the music.  To see all previous volumes just click here.

mp3 : 2Pac vs Gary Jules – Against a Mad World (Brenton Duvall Remix)
This remix needs no pithy introduction; no clever phrase could encapsulate all that it is.  Just look at the title.  It’s classic 2Pac and one of the best cover songs in the history of man rolled into one remix.  Merry Christmas indeed.

mp3 : Amadou & Mariam – Sabali (Miike Snow Remix)
Miike Snow somehow finds a way to make an already amazing song even more amazing.  It’s a Christmas miracle.

mp3 : Blackbird Blackbird – Hawaii (Niva Remix)
To be fair I’ve never heard to Blackbird Blackbird or Niva before this track.  I have, however, heard of Hawaii, but for decidedly different reasons.  Mostly because they have luaus for Christmas.

mp3 : Ellie Goulding – Your Song (Blackmill Dubstep Remix)
My younger brother, who at one point in time actually posted (once) on TWF, always seems to be fascinated with dubstep.  This remix is my Christmas present to him.  It’s a good one.

mp3 : Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek (Tiesto’s In Search of Sunrise Remix)
Hide And Seek was definitely not intended to be a club staple, but Tiesto changed that as he usually does.  There’s nothing really Christmasy about this track other than it reminds me of Chrimahanukwanzmakuh from The O.C. (don’t be a crazy Oliver and pretend like you didn’t watch).

mp3 : Lady Gaga – Just Dance (Worship Remix)
Is she still relevant?  Will she be in 2011?  Will people remix her pop drivel regardless?  Yes, yes, and yes.  Just drink some proper eggnog and dance.

mp3 : Lady Gaga – Paparazzi (Redlight Remix)
Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is this; every Gaga remix from here until eternity should prominently feature hand claps synched with drum beats.  Oh, and world peace.

mp3 : Pixies – Where Is My Mind (Bassnectar Remix)
Bassnectar takes possibly the only song by Pixies that I genuinely like and turns it into something that would fit on the greatest Christmas movie soundtrack of all time (that being the soundtrack to Tron: Legacy).

mp3 : Pixies – Where Is My Mind (Refracture Remix)
I’m including this remix because it’s so distinctly different from the previous Bassnectar one.  As the stop motion episode of Community taught us, Christmas is a time to celebrate diversity.  And awesomeness.

mp3 : Sufjan Stevens vs Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps to Chicago (Remix)
There are points in this remix/mashup where I wish the arrangement were as clever as the song title.  But I always associate Sufjan with Christmas and to be fair Maps is the best song Yeah Yeah Yeahs have ever done.  It’s a win win.

mp3 : The Killers – Spaceman (The Knocks Remix)
In the future children will be told the story of a man, dressed in a flaming red positively pressurized suit (that’s why he looks fat, it’s the pressure suit), that flies through the cosmos to deliver toys to good girls and boys.  This will be the song that powers his magical spaceship.

mp3 : Two Door Cinema Club – Undercover Martyn (Passion Pit Remix)
Passion Pit takes one of the purest pop songs of 2010 and envelopes it in a glittering, shimmery, trance infused, best of both worlds wrapping paper.  They tie it up with a bow of awesome and set it below a Christmas tree topped with a disco ball.

mp3 : Wale (feat Lady Gaga) – Chillin (The Knocks Remix)
Wale always makes me feel like 1) Gaga can be relevant and 2) it’s the 80s.  And I grew up in the 80s.  And Christmas is awesome when you’re a kid.  And that’s a stretch, but if you’re still reading then you’re more than ready for ramblings.

mp3 : William The Vanish Russ Chimes – Hold On My Momma (White Panda Remix)
I love it when a remix takes a bunch of terrible tracks and makes us all realize that it is often the sum of parts that really makes art beautiful.  I will not talk about Christmas in this description.  Eat it.

mp3 : Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Dull Life (Professor Purple Remix)
If they ever update It’s A Wonderful Life (and I mean really update, not retell it like they did with The Family Man – which is coincidentally one of seven Nic Cage movies that were actually worth watching) they need to have a club scene where this track is playing.  Playing loud.

Merry Christmas.  Enjoy the music.

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The Killers track A Dustland Fairytale

I think I’ve been dismissing the latest album by The Killers, 2008’s Day & Age (amazon) (itunes), largely because it’s not Hot Fuss 2.0.  In fact it’s not even close to Hot Fuss.  Granted there are tracks like Human and Spaceman which seem to align quite well with the oft revered first offering from these glamorous desert dwellers, but the album as a whole strays quite a bit from what many fans were hoping for.  I think if you give the album another try you’ll appreciate it for what it actually is.

I’m going to go ahead and compare this album to Neon Bible by Arcade Fire.  Neon Bible wasn’t exactly what a lot of fans and critics wanted to hear.  It’s not a direct continuum of their first album, Funeral, but it is (when looked at objectively) a solid effort from a great band.  Day & Age is just that; a solid album from a great band.  Unfortunately it feels as if it was largely passed over simply because it is different than a reworked version of Hot Fuss (Day & Age sold just over 700,000 copies while Hot Fuss cleared 3,000,000 in the US).

Well I’ve been listening to this album a lot over the past month or so (I accidentally damaged a bunch of the discs I normally have with me in my car) and it really has grown on me.  A track that I find particularly haunting is the slow burn of A Dustland Fairytale.  In this song Brandon is singing about the relationship his parents had, the struggle his father had between addiction and faith, and the battle with cancer that plagued his mother.

mp3 : The Killers – A Dustland Fairytale


A Dustland Fairytale beginning
Just another white trash county kiss
In ’61, long brown hair, foolish eyes

He looks just like you’d want him to
Some kind of slick chrome American Prince
A bluejean serenade, and moon river, what you do to me
I don’t believe you

Saw Cinderella in a party dress
But she was looking for a nightgown
I saw the devil wrapping up his hands
He’s getting ready for the showdown
I saw the minute that I turned away
I got my money on a pawn tonight

Change came in disguise of revelation, set his soul on fire
She says she always knew he’d come around
And the decades disappear like sinking ships
But we persevere, God gives us hope
But we still fear what we don’t know

The mind is poison
Castles in the sky sit stranded, vandalized
Drawbridges closing

Saw Cinderella in a party dress
But she was looking for a nightgown
I saw the devil wrapping up his hands
He’s getting ready for the showdown
I saw the ending where they turned the page
I took my money and I ran away
Straight to the valley of the great divide

Out where the dreams are high
Out here, the wind don’t blow
Out here, the good girls die
And the sky won’t snow
Out here, the birds don’t sing
Out here, the fields don’t grow
Out here, the bell don’t ring
Out here, the bell don’t ring

Out here, the good girls die

Now Cinderella, don’t you go to sleep
It’s such a bitter form of refuge
Oh don’t you know, the kingdom’s under siege
And everybody needs you
Is there still magic in the midnight sun
Or did you leave it back in 61?
In the cadence of a young man’s eyes
I wouldn’t dream so high

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Noisettes Drop a Cover of a Killers Classic

It’s not often that a song makes it directly from my email inbox onto a post in one day, but occasionally a song drifts along and forces me to pass it on.  This morning I got a cover of the Killers track When You Were Young as it is reinterpreted by the Noisettes in an in studio live performance across the pond in the UK.  I edited the track a bit so all you get is the music {not the intro and outro} and I put it into stereo as I always think it sounds a bit better than when tracks are presented in mono.  Enjoy the music, enjoy your weekend.

mp3 : Noisettes – When You Were Young (Killers Cover in the Live Lounge)

While I’m not a huge fan of changing the lyrics to make a cover I’m choosing to overlook that small detail in favor of the original quality of this track.  The bridge is delightful.  Wait for it.

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The Killers live at Glastonbury 2007 part 04

At long last we come to the conclusion of the set The Killers played in 2007 at the Glastonbury Festival.  If you’re looking to read/download day by day you can check out each individual post at these links.  part 01, part 02, part 03, part 04.  If you’d rather view them all on one easy to read page, which makes way more sense to me, just click here.  This concludes the set.  Enjoy the music.

mp3 : The Killers – My List
mp3 : The Killers – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
mp3 : The Killers – Shadowplay
mp3 : The Killers – For Reasons Unknown
mp3 : The Killers – All These Things That I’ve Done

As I’ve said before these are live tracks recorded at a concert.  They’re not off any studio album and they’re not available, anywhere, for purchase.  Enjoy the music and the next time The Killers are in town get out and see their show.

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The Killers live at Glastonbury 2007 part 03

Here you go, it’s part three {of four parts} of the set The Killers played at last year’s Glastonbury Festival.  Enjoy the music.  You can find part one here and part two at this link.  Cheers.

mp3 : The Killers – Read My Mind
mp3 : The Killers – On Top
mp3 : The Killers – Bling (Confessions of A King)
mp3 : The Killers – Indie Rock and Roll
mp3 : The Killers – Mr Brightside

As stated in the previous two posts these tracks are live bootleg recordings.  That being said they’re definitely on the top of the pile in terms of audio quality.  See you tomorrow.

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The Killers live at Glastonbury 2007 part 02

Yesterday, aka through this link, I brought you the first four tracks from The Killers Glastonbury 2007 set.  Today, as promised, I bring you the second part.  Two more days and you’ll have them all.  Until then you’ll just have to make due with the first half.  Enjoy.

mp3 : The Killers – Somebody Told Me
mp3 : The Killers – Smile Like You Mean It
mp3 : The Killers – Jenny Was A Friend of Mine
mp3 : The Killers – Uncle Johnny
mp3 : The Killers – This River Is Wild

As I said yesterday these tracks are appearing here on The World Forgot in the order that they were played in concert.  They’re bootleg live tracks, not studio recordings, so be prepared for a little crowd action, clapping, and quite possibly some singing along.  All that aside the audio quality on these tracks is tops.  See you tomorrow and the day after for the last half of the set.

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The Killers live at Glastonbury 2007 part 01

Apparently there’s this little music gathering known as Glastonbury Festival which happens occasionally.  Apparently at said gathering of music fans there are some big bands who sometimes play killer sets and set off the revelers.  Apparently The Killers have played a few sets there over the years.  And also, apparently, someone thought it would be a good idea to bootleg the entire set, all nineteen tracks, and put them online.  Welcome to part one, the first four tracks.  It’s an excellent recording, I’ll try to post the entire set throughout the week.  And yes, that is a ploy to get you coming back over and over and over again.  Eat it.

mp3 : The Killers – Sam’s Town
mp3 : The Killers – Enterlude
mp3 : The Killers – When You Were Young
mp3 : The Killers – Bones

Note that all of these tracks are live recordings, not studio quality.  The tracks will be posted in order that they were played at the show {and the downloads are numbered to keep them in order}.  Also, and I guess I could use some help here, but I’m assuming that these are bootleg tracks recorded live at the concert.  I’m assuming this because I could find no mention of this being an official recording {anywhere on the web, including The Killers site}, and I can’t find this concert for purchase at any retailer.  Enjoy the tunes.

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