The Killers live at Glastonbury 2007 part 01

Apparently there’s this little music gathering known as Glastonbury Festival which happens occasionally.  Apparently at said gathering of music fans there are some big bands who sometimes play killer sets and set off the revelers.  Apparently The Killers have played a few sets there over the years.  And also, apparently, someone thought it would be a good idea to bootleg the entire set, all nineteen tracks, and put them online.  Welcome to part one, the first four tracks.  It’s an excellent recording, I’ll try to post the entire set throughout the week.  And yes, that is a ploy to get you coming back over and over and over again.  Eat it.

mp3 : The Killers – Sam’s Town
mp3 : The Killers – Enterlude
mp3 : The Killers – When You Were Young
mp3 : The Killers – Bones

Note that all of these tracks are live recordings, not studio quality.  The tracks will be posted in order that they were played at the show {and the downloads are numbered to keep them in order}.  Also, and I guess I could use some help here, but I’m assuming that these are bootleg tracks recorded live at the concert.  I’m assuming this because I could find no mention of this being an official recording {anywhere on the web, including The Killers site}, and I can’t find this concert for purchase at any retailer.  Enjoy the tunes.

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8 thoughts on “The Killers live at Glastonbury 2007 part 01”

  1. now if only i could find a way to insert ads in my feed {google shall help me!}

    and i like their new songs human and spaceman. to each their own i suppose.


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