Noisettes Drop a Cover of a Killers Classic

It’s not often that a song makes it directly from my email inbox onto a post in one day, but occasionally a song drifts along and forces me to pass it on.  This morning I got a cover of the Killers track When You Were Young as it is reinterpreted by the Noisettes in an in studio live performance across the pond in the UK.  I edited the track a bit so all you get is the music {not the intro and outro} and I put it into stereo as I always think it sounds a bit better than when tracks are presented in mono.  Enjoy the music, enjoy your weekend.

mp3 : Noisettes – When You Were Young (Killers Cover in the Live Lounge)

While I’m not a huge fan of changing the lyrics to make a cover I’m choosing to overlook that small detail in favor of the original quality of this track.  The bridge is delightful.  Wait for it.

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