Gotye album Making Mirrors

Many of you have probably already listened to the latest album from Australian artist Gotye.  If you haven’t heard the entire album, Making Mirrors (amazon) (itunes), I encourage you to take a trip through each song.  Gotye is at his best when he’s creating new and unque sounds on tracks like Somebody That I Used To Know or Save Me.  Elsewhere on the album there are tracks, like I Feel Better or In Your Light, that feel like they’re paying homage to 80’s guitar pop or 60’s Motown.  He apes those sounds so well that if you close your eyes you could be convinced you’re listening to the jukebox at a throwback diner or the soundtrack to Three Men and a Baby.  Side note, Ted Danson is always great.

mp3 : Gotye – Eyes Wide Open
mp3 : Gotye – Save Me

The entire album is great and it spins effortlessly back and forth between various and obvious influences.  I can’t believe it took me this long to really review this considering it’s been on regular rotation in my car for the past few months.

+ more Gotye @ twf hype elbows site amazonmp3 itunes

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