Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen cover Willow Smith

First and foremost let me say that I really enjoy Jimmy Fallon.  He was brilliant as the one member of the cast who always broke on SNL.  His rapport with Tina Fey on Weekend Update was the highlight of that segment’s long and storied history.  And although he was the surprise pick to replace Coco on Late Night he has been superb in that time slot.

For those that are not familiar (or for those that live across ponds) Jimmy has taken the late night talk show and turned it into a sort of geeked out variety show where he occaisionally pays homage to the Hubble telescope, parodies/lampoons his favorite television series, and performs skits or songs with guests.  In a recent episode Jimmy decided to don a Neil Young outfit (and quite a convincing vocal impersonation) and join up with Bruce Springsteen to cover the latest break out annoyance that is Willow Smith.

mp3 : Jimmy Fallon (as Neil Young) and Bruce Springsteen – Whip My Hair (Willow Smith Cover)

First of all, and I sincerely apologize for doing this, but here is a link to watch the original music video.  It is quite honestly cringe inducing bad.  As a sidebar, why on earth would Will Smith think it was appropriate to name his daughter Willow?  Jaden got the upper hand in that sibling rivalry from day one.

This cover features Jimmy Fallon impersonating Neil Young as well as playing both harmonica and acoustic guitar.  About half way through the song Bruce Springsteen joins him onstage with an electric guitar and a killer fake beard, mustache, and sunglasses.  You can check the original video for this performance here.

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