Matt and Kim – Grand

Dear Matt and Kim, I feel compelled to write you a brief and open letter here on the internet.  If I could, I would travel back in time and leave this note tucked somewhere amongst your high school yearbooks, but alas we did not attend the same school {and time travel is impossible}, so this meager slice of the web will have to suffice.

Never change.  Stay the same forever.  Keep making music that’s as good or better than your latest album Grand (amazon) (itunes).  It sounds like eight bit Nintendo soundtracks mashed together with dance beats, happiness, and whatever smiles sound like.  You have found a sound that is infected with giddy energy and it makes it all but impossible to sit still long enough to write all of this down.  You have changed my life forever and I hope that we’ll always stay in touch.

mp3 : Matt and Kim – Daylight
mp3 : Matt and Kim – Cutdown

stay sweet, Billy

{Does anyone have any favorite prototypical yearbook messages?  Mine are “stay sweet” “never change” “i signed your crack” and “it was sweet you took your cousin to prom” – anyone have anything better?}

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9 thoughts on “Matt and Kim – Grand”

  1. I hated that whole “L.Y.L.A.S.” thing. You know, “love you like a sister?” Annoying. Or “H.A.K.A.S.” (have a kick-ass summer). Kids thought they were so cool. Really, they were just being lazy. “Only 300 more yearbooks to sign, let’s make this easy…”


  2. they really do make amazing music.
    daylight is a song that can make me smile no matter what’s going on at the time. it’s just so happy.
    and I’m still disappointed I didn’t win tickets to their show though.


  3. Dude, for sure.
    I love this couple as well.
    If you haven’t listened to their first, self-titled album, you really should check it out.
    These two are good stuff.


  4. I had a lot of ‘I’m the clown who came to town and signed your yearbook upside down.’ I always thought that was a bit, well…gay.
    I always wanted a 2 cool
    2 be
    4 gotten but never got one. 😦


  5. yesss! i love matt and kim. i get in an extremely good mood whether im listening to it, or its stuck in my head. so i try to get them stuck in my head all day, so im in a good mood all day 🙂 they make you smile without noticing. but yes, new addiction, i hope they come to raleigh, nc.


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