Arcade Fire : Live On KCRW

The kids of Arcade Fire are awesome.  They also span quite an impressive range of heights.  Sorry for cutting you off there love, that’s just the way it is.  Anyway, I get quite a few requests to repost old material every week in email format.  Some songs and artists get requested once, some two or three times, but only one post of mine consistently comes up and is requested again and again {probably once every ten days or so}.  For all the lovely readers who’ve wanted to see these tracks once again grace the interwebs, here is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

mp3 : Arcade Fire – Intro (Live on KCRW)
mp3 : Arcade Fire – Wake Up (Live on KCRW)
mp3 : Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #4 (Live on KCRW)
mp3 : Arcade Fire – Vampire Forest Fire (Live on KCRW)
mp3 : Arcade Fire – Interview (Live on KCRW)
mp3 : Arcade Fire – Intervention (Live on KCRW)
mp3 : Arcade Fire – Born on a Train (Live on KCRW)
mp3 : Arcade Fire – In the Backseat (Live on KCRW)
mp3 : Arcade Fire – Outro (Live on KCRW)

All the tracks in one zip file : here {zshare = left click}

For those of you who are interested this recording was made January 17th of 2005 and it is quite amazing.  It’s worth listening to it just for the alternate version of Intervention {and the rest of the tracks are equally compelling}.  *It’s also worth noting, and Win Butler says so quite clearly, that Born on a Train is a Magnetic Fields cover.  Cheers.

Much thanks goes to KCRW for consistently putting amazing music on the internet.  If you’ve never been to their website that simply must be changed.   Click on through and have a listen to the Morning Becomes Eclectic archives.  You’ll love it.

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7 thoughts on “Arcade Fire : Live On KCRW”

  1. I’ve noticed a few Magnetic Fields covers have cropped up on your blog recently. It’d be sweet to here the Magnetic Fields originals.

    Maybe a post of Magnetic Fields songs and the covers of those songs by other great bands and artists. Just a thought.


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