Band of Horses

It seems as if a lot of my posts lately have focused around new albums. And that might be true due to the fact that there has been so many quality releases lately. Following their breakout, critically lauded full length, Everything All The Time (iTunes), their second album with label Sub Pop is equal parts anthemic rock mixed with the salt of a maturation process born of the stardom which accompanied their dramatic rise in pop culture.

To be blunt the new album, Cease to Begin (iTunes), is solid music from start to finish and is a must have for any music fan who appreciates good music. Lyrically I’ve not yet decided if it’s better than their previous effort, but I think that has to do in large part to the fact that I can’t honestly say what they’re singing about. And that’s alright with me as I tend to listen to a lot of Band of Horses songs with the interpretation that the voice is yet another instrument and not playing the part of a narrator. Included here below are my two favorite tracks on the new album. I think they exemplify the qualities I love in Band of Horses and if it’s your first listen to the band this is a good of a starting place as any.

mp3 : Band of Horses – Is There a Ghost
mp3 : Band of Horses – Island on the Coast

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