Vetiver – Tight Knit

I’ve been listening all night to the latest album by Vetiver which is a breezy trip through slow down modern American indie folk.  I know that sounds like a mouthful of adjectives, but that is really what this album is.  Think of Vetiver as an even more chilled out version of Kings of Convenience that sometimes plays with Devendra Banhart.  So yes, to answer your question, they are the quintessential band to relax to late at night after watching movies and television with the boys (or ladies).

mp3 : Vetiver – Everyday

Everyday is possibly the most upbeat and catchy track of this album, Tight Knit (amazon) (itunes), which was released in February by Sub Pop.  The remainder of the album is filled with songs that make you want to curl up on a hammock somewhere and watch the wind blow through the grass.

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