The National new track Exile Vilify

The brooding boys from Brooklyn have pushed out another solid track in the form of Exile Vilify.  Oddly enough it appears on the soundtrack to the latest blockbuster video game Portal 2.  Although the track probably won’t be called for during an encore it’s a simple look at how great The National really are.

mp3 : The National – Exile Vilify

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My wife often wonders what I do when I’m sitting on our couch, long after a proper bed time, staring at my laptop.  In fact, just the other day, she made the comment that I must keep up with a lot of diverse information because I seem to be reading a lot of the time.  While that is partially true I also spend a fair amount of my time listening to random music and watching literally every movie trailer I can get my eyes on.

Just last week this activity found me watching a preview for The Other Side of Paradise and the music they used caught my attention.  Now typically a simple google search reveals the proverbial man behind the curtain, but for this particular movie it proved to no simple task.  About thirty minutes later (after digging through random forums, IMDB, and random myspace pages) I finally stumbled upon the answer that most of the music for this movie was recorded by an artist that goes by the name Stanton.

mp3 : Stanton – Cathedral Bells
mp3 : Stanton – Like a Ghost
mp3 : Stanton – Paper Ship
mp3 : Stanton – Red Shoes
mp3 : Stanton – Suitcase Town
mp3 : Stanton – Your Need for Sleeves

As with all music that is used for soundtrack purposes there are, admittedly, some hits and some misses.  I attribute it to the fact that sometimes a scene fits a song and sometimes a song must be fit to a scene (also known as giving Stanton the full benefit of doubt).  Also, make sure to bookmark his myspace page because you’ll have a tough time finding it again.

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Daft Punk scores Tron Legacy

For those of you who are completely in the dark Disney is making a sequel to the cult classic Tron.  The previews, and literally everything else surrounding the December launch of the movie, have been stellar so far.  Mind bendingly stellar.  As would only be appropriate for a movie of this tech nerd credibility the producers of the film somehow got the dynamic duo of Daft Punk to write the music for the film.  From the few leaked tracks that skittered around the internets recently it appears as if the boys are definitely influenced by current soundtracks (most notably Hans Zimmer’s score for The Dark Knight) yet the curiously maintain their own blip and bleep Daft Punk flavor alive.

mp3 : Daft Punk – Tron Legacy Soundtrack (Track 1)
mp3 : Daft Punk – Tron Legacy Soundtrack (Track 4)

Both of these songs are instantly ready to be worked into almost any preview, for any half decent movie, set to come out in the next three to five years.  A remix (possibly by Daft Punk themselves) could really set them off as well.  Make sure you crank your volume for Track 4 (and make sure to note how much they seem to like Hans Zimmer.  As reference listen to the score for The Dark Knight or Inception.)

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