Wedding Music vol 10 : Reception

Finally finishing up the list of music that was played in the background during the cocktail and dinner portion of my wedding.  As always, enjoy the music.  If you’re interested in the rest of the list click here.

mp3 : The Ooks of Hazzard – Kids (MGMT Cover)
mp3 : Beirut – After the Curtain
mp3 : Bon Iver – Skinny Love
mp3 : Coldplay – The Scientist

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Wedding Music vol 03 : Ceremony

And so the Wedding Music posts continue (with plenty more to come).  After this volume the rest of the music is pretty much a mix tape filled with awesome.  During the ceremony we linked together songs that all had a similar tone and vibe and built upon the theme of a traditional yet contemporary ceremony.  Hence the use of Vitamin String Quartet and other modern acts.

In this final Ceremony volume there are four tracks that were played while the guests were being dismissed from the church.  We probably could have added another track into this time, but it didn’t seem necessary and it was background music anyway.

If you’d like to see all of my Wedding Music click here to see this entire series.

mp3 : The Ooks of Hazzard – Kids (MGMT Cover)
mp3 : Sea Wolf – Middle Distance Runner
mp3 : Vitamin String Quartet – Across the Sea (Weezer Cover)
mp3 : Vitamin String Quartet – All I Want Is You (U2 Cover)

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A Collection of Random Covers

So it’s a Friday, and the World Cup is in full swing, and if you’re like me that means you really don’t care about much else (let alone writing a new post for your little blog).  And even though I’m more than thrilled to watch the US v Ghana game tomorrow followed by the England v Germany game on Sunday I’m still taking time to post a few random cover songs that have caught my attention over the past month or so.  You are very very welcome.

mp3 : Crooked Fingers – Under Pressure (Queen Cover)
There are days when it’s hard to comprehend the impressive talent that was Freddie Mercury.  I’m not sure the world will ever see another front man that literally owns the audience in the way that Freddie could.  I’m not even sure it’s possible anymore.  All that aside this is a fairly faithful rendition of the Queen staple that sounds like Neil Diamond is on vocals.

mp3 : Katy Perry – Electric Feel (Acoustic MGMT Cover)
There are days that I secretly love Katy Perry.  Then there is the rest of the year when I openly disparage most of her music.  Today I sit uncomfortably between those two norms as I openly state that this cover is very interesting.

mp3 : Passion Pit – Tonight Tonight (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)
Sometimes it’s hard to stomach a cover of one of your favorite songs.  Fortunately for Passion Pit they’ve left the song almost entirely intact; they’ve simply updated the instrumentation and swapped out Billy Corgan’s vocals for ethereal pixie harmonies.  Well done.

mp3 : Serena Ryder & The Beauties – The Funeral (Band of Horses Cover)
I’m not sure anyone could ruin this song.  Ever.  This cover is subdued and changes the melody ever so slightly in an interesting and somehow even more melancholic way.  The harmonies used are quite nice as well.  After listening to this cover, though, I can’t help but think how Wakey!Wakey! would do it.

mp3 : The Fray – Heartless (Live Kanye West Cover)
I’m not really a huge fan of The Fray (too sappy) or of Kanye West (over.rated.) and to be honest I’m not really a huge fan of the studio version of this cover.  For whatever reason this live recording of the cover leaves behind the morass of the studio recording and sounds exactly the way it should have been recorded the first time around.

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The Ooks of Hazzard cover MGMT

For those of you who frequent these pages you’ll notice something odd about this post. I literally never post videos, ever. But this cover of Kids by MGMT was moving enough and the filming is interesting enough that I thought today I would make an exception. Honestly, there are 7 ukuleles rocking out on this cover. How could I refuse to post this video?

And for those that just want the music, here you go.

mp3: The Ooks of Hazzard – Kids (MGMT Cover)

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MGMT new album Congratulations

The new album by MGMT finds the dynamic duo pushing further into the historical bog of rock music.  If their first album, Oracular Spectacular, was a tribute to an acid trip through the deserted 80’s then their new disc, Congratulations (amazon), is a tribute to the slower 60’s and 70’s rock of acts like The Kinks .  Gone are the glimmering synthesizers and the driving pop infused (and largely radio friendly) beats of their previous effort.  Gone are the hallucinatory drug influenced songs.  In place now you’ll find sprawling hippie landscapes more associated with flower power, peace, and love.  What you’ll find here is people smoking dope, not tripping on acid.

mp3 : MGMT – Flash Delerium

It’s hard to decide if this album is a breath of fresh air or too much of a departure from what we all thought their trademark sound was going to be.  For those of us who grew up listening to classic rock radio stations, for people who love The Kinks as much as Kings of Convenience, this will be an album that feels like an old friend coming home.  For those fans who were really wanting the band to continue in the prog rock vein of their first album, well, you might feel betrayed.

But I encourage you to listen through the entire album a few times.  I encourage you to let the subtle textures and interwoven melodies grow on you.  Let the idiosyncrasies of this album worm their way into your brain and wash away the fact that this album is more about the boys of MGMT becoming career musicians and less about them making an album that everyone will instantly love.  Hopefully that was their aim when writing and recording because that’s exactly what they’ve done.

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BOTR vol 13

I’ve been stuck in a rut lately.  I’ve been swamped and work and when that happens I generally listen to a very small set of music over and over and over again.  The problem with this is that no new music coming in means no new music going out.  What happens is terrible.  So to spice it up I decided to bundle together another volume of BOTR (Best of The Remix).  If you’d like to check out all the previous BOTR volumes click here.

Enjoy the music.

mp3 : The Beach Boys – Wouldn’t It Be Nice (The Girls Can Hear Us Remix)
I love this remix.  It takes a classic summertime song by the Beach Boys and updates it just enough to make kids born in the last two decades appreciate the talent of the original surf rockers.

mp3 : David Guetta – Memories (feat Kid Cudi) (Armand Van Helden Vocal Remix)
Don’t be fooled by the opening forty five seconds of this remix.  When the vocals from CuDi drop in you’ll realize that you’re in heaven.

mp3 : Duck Sauce – aNYway (Black Noise Disco Remix)
I wasn’t quite sure what I thought of this track on first listen.  It sounds a lot like it’s from the late seventies, but the remixed aspect of the the song gives it a nice 2010 worthy veneer.

mp3 : Florence and The Machine – Dog Days Are Over (Breakage Remix)
This is by far the most depressing Florence and The Machine remix that I’ve ever heard.  And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Some days it’s good and well to be melancholic.

mp3 : Kinkiez – Nothing New (We Plants Are Happy Plants Remix)
The band is an act you’ve never heard of, but the track is worth a listen simply because We Plants Are Happy Plants has touched it.  WPAHP seems to have carved out a clever niche in the remix game and to date there hasn’t been a true competitor.

mp3 : Lady GaGa – Telephone (Crookers Remix)
I have no idea why anyone likes GaGa other than she tries really really hard to be even more abstract than Madonna ever was.  One thing can be said; even though her lyrics are Fergie-terrible at least the delivery is somewhat palatable.

mp3 : MGMT – Of Moons, Birds and Monsters (Holy Ghost Remix)
I thought this remix was appropriate what with MGMT having a new album due out this year.  Although this remix isn’t exactly club worthy it’s not problem, MGMT have always been more closely aligned with drug use anyway.

mp3 : MSTRKRFT – Bounce (OH SNAP!! Bootleg Vocal Remix)
To be honest MSTRKRFT are much better when remixing instead of creating original music, but this track had me at “all I do is party, ha ha ha ha.”  Makes me think of the Real World.

mp3 : Phoenix – Fences (The Pointdexter Remix)
If the previous remix was a mouthful of random club beats and party music this simple remix is a smooth sorbet, a sort of aural palate cleanser, a chilled out relaxing moment in the sun.

mp3 : Phoenix and Peter Bjorn and John and Victoria – One Thousand Nine Hundred and One Folks (Immuzikation Remix)
It’s been a long time since I listened to an Immuzikation Remix.  It’s been far too long.  At one time he alone sat atop the list in the remix world and here’s a nice example why.

mp3 : R Kelly vs Major Lazer – Ignition (The Hood Internet Remix)
No remix set is complete without one completely gratuitous R Kelly song.  Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce…

mp3 : Shout Out Louds – Fall Hard (Passion Pit’s Summertime Radio Remix)
If any remix could serve as the exact opposite, a counterpoint, to the previous R Kelly remix then this is that track.  Smooth and sugary like molasses this remix sounds like I usually feel on a hot summer day.

mp3 : Wale – Good Girls (A. Clark, Quix Remix)
This remix further cements in my brain that Wale and CuDi will end up being two of the most influential (or at least most long lasting) rappers in the current generation.  His rhymes remind me a lot of the iconic day of rap when Biggie and 2Pac were still around.

Insert some clever outro here.

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Knatterjack covers MGMT

That’s right, no picture.  Why?  Because I honestly can’t find a single thing about this band/person/musician.  I don’t even know who or what Knatterjack is.  Deal with it.

What I do know is that I finally got my internet working, my laptop has been delivered in the mail, and this is the very first song that I’m choosing to post after my long and protracted summer hiatus.  Rejoice ye minions and immediately proceed to downloading the following bliss filled track.

Oh, and if anyone has any information as to what or whom Knatterjack is please kindly leave a comment.

mp3 : Knatterjack – Time to Pretend (MGMT Cover)

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