Technical Issues

It has recently come to my attention that there is a very large quantity of file leeching going on with my blog.  For instance, in the past week, my blog  receives an average of 8,000 page views per day.  However, there are a few files that pop up each week that are accessed in excess of 100,000 times per day.  With this currently happening I can’t post about any new music and I have already had to plead with my hosting provider (twice) just to keep the site up and running.

Please don’t directly link to any files that are on this site.  Although I have “unlimited” bandwidth there are still physical limits to how many connections my hosting server can handle.

Thank you and keep listening to good music.


TWF is undergoing a bit of maintenance right now (as you can probably tell).  I was working on upgrading the underlying architecture of the site (to make it easier to use and to be as current as possible with web standards) when it all came tumbling down like a house of cards.

I’ll do the best I can to upgrade and restore all the site functions as soon as possible, but it might take a week or so.  Rest assured that the music is still here and TWF will continue on.  Enjoy the music.

TWF is Boring, I Know, But Here’s Why

My posts will be hit or miss the next few weeks here on TWF.  This is partially because I’m busy, but more importantly my 8 year old laptop struggles mightily to run the programs that allow me to post.  Hopefully by the end of June or early July I will have a new laptop in hand that can handle all that i need to continue making TWF a place to discover new music.

And just for those who are interested I currently use a Sony Vaio laptop that was bought in 2001. Yes, that’s right, 2001.  Which means the laptop and the technology inside of it are almost a decade old.  As I type this reply i have to pause after every two or three words because it takes that long for each letter to appear on screen after I’ve hit a key. {Just launching Firefox on this laptop takes around 52 seconds on average… trust me, when it takes that long, you have nothing better to do than time it and find the average}.  It’s rocking a Pentium 700Mhz processor {which is roughly 1/5 as powerful as present day mobile phone processors} and I’ve maxed it out with a glorious 512MB of RAM.  Oh, I also have only about 1GB free of hard drive space to spare which makes it almost impossible to download new music, rip CDs to mp3, or do anything else that facilitates listening to new artists or new albums.

Basically my current computer setup {flavored slightly by the amount of free time i have} has made it not enjoyable to post about music here.  In fact it’s quite literally a pain.

For awhile I was using an extra computer at work to post {this accounted for the quick flurry of posts in April and May}, but this opportunity is now not available {yes, I am still employed, but now I’ve become busier than ever with work and I’ve taken over the website here and, well, life in general seems to be moving fast}.

Long story short I’ll post as much as I can when I can.  Thanks for being patient with me…

The Return is Imminent – A Contest?

immi¦nent adjective
1.  likely to occur at any moment; impending: Her death is imminent.
2. projecting or leaning forward; overhanging.

Origin: 1520; < L imminent- (s. of immin), prp. of immin to overhang, equiv. to im- im- 1 + -min- from a base meaning “jut out, project, rise (cf. eminent, mount 2 ) + -ent- -ent


1. near, at hand. Imminent, Impending, Threatening all may carry the implication of menace, misfortune, disaster, but they do so in differing degrees. Imminent may portend evil: an imminent catastrophe, but also may mean simply “about to happen: The merger is imminent. Impending has a weaker sense of immediacy and threat than imminent: Real tax relief legislation is impending, but it too may be used in situations portending disaster: impending social upheaval; to dread the impending investigation. Threatening almost always suggests ominous warning and menace: a threatening sky just before the tornado struck.


Hey hey hey, it’s a contest.  Sometime in the next seven days TWF will return to the regularly scheduled broadcast.  Here’s where you come in.  Leave a comment that has your best guess as to what day and what time the first new music post will hit the net.  IE leave a comment that says something like “Tuesday at 7pm” or something of that nature.  Make sure when you’re leaving your comment that you include your email address in the comment form, no one else will see it but me and I’ll be using that information to contact the winner.

There’s a winner?  Yes, there is a winner.  Whomever guesses the closest to the actual post time, which is considered and evaluated by Eastern Standard Time in the USA, without going over will be crowned the winner.  And the winner will receive a grab bag of swag I’ve been sent over the past year {heck I’ll even link to your blog}.  I’m not sure how many albums I’ll be able to send, but it’s definitely worth your while to fill out a little comment and hope you get some free music.  Right?  Tell your friends, The World Forgot is on the way back.

A Brief Hiatus – Everyone Chill Out

I’m sorry to be writing this, but I feel I need to at least post something here on The World Forgot.  Life has become more than a little hectic in the past few months and I’ll be taking a bit of a break from the normal pace of writing four or five pieces a week on TWF.  I’ve moved to a new city, started a new job, and amongst other things my free time {of which I used to have copious amounts} has become somewhat marginalized in the process.

This upcoming weekend, hopefully, I’ll finally be moving into my own apartment which will be an easy walking distance from both my job and the gym I use.  After that it’ll hopefully be a short wait until internet access is online and I once again can resume my position of clever music maven.  Until then rest assured that you, dear readers, are not forgotten and I do not aim to continue neglecting you.  I will return.