Wedding Music vol 07 : Reception

Another day and another glimpse into my insanely controlled wedding music playlist.  I don’t mean to brag, but I did just receive compliments on my wedding playlist this past weekend.  It’s always good to know that random people appreciate good music as well.  All of these songs were played as background music during the cocktails and dinner.

mp3 : Louis Armstrong – Sittin In The Sun
mp3 : Gary Jules – Mad World (Tears for Fears Cover)
mp3 : Johnny Cash – Hurt
mp3 : Sigur Ros – Inni mer syngur vitleysingur

Yes, I do still listen to this mix.  And yes, you can see all of the wedding music I’ve posted so far by clicking right here.

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Johnny Cash

I wondered what to title this post for the better part of this morning.  I thought of adding something like “My Long Obsession” to the title, or some other such pale attempt to capture grandeur, but in the end I opted with just posting his name.  Johnny Cash.  If you count yourself a lover of all things music then this is one name that needs no subtitle (even if you do love his moniker The Man in Black) or introduction.  Johnny Cash was an extremely prolific songwriter and performer and he deserves a listen on this hot July afternoon.

Recently I’ve been cleaning out a load of boxes that have long stored relics from my past.  In one such box I found a journal, rather a diary of sorts, that I was required to keep for a university course on renewable energy sources and the environmental issues interwoven throughout our modern society.  I read through some of my old work (got an A in the class if you must know) and found that throughout this old journal, written for a class about natural resources and the like, I often wrote about music.  How I got an A I’ll never know, but it was interesting to discover this old journal, this old blog of sorts, that existed long before the spark of TWF ignited within my brain.

So here’s some tracks I love by Mr. Cash and below is the short journal entry that I turned in, for a grade, years ago during my undergrad days.  (Note: I’m no longer referring to the track Hurt as a NIN Cover because in my mind Johnny now owns the track.  Yes it might have been written by Trent and originally recorded by him, but it now and forever shall be a Johnny Cash song.)

mp3 : Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around
mp3 : Johnny Cash – Hurt

The below text is taken from a class journal in 2003.

You wouldn’t know it from a quick survey of the type of music I own but I am a huge, and growing more so with every passing song, fan of the late Johnny Cash.  I’m listening to his sprawling post-mortem masterwork 5 CD compilation and it is amazing.  To label this man as a country musician, in my mind, is a mistake; he should simply be put on the shelf labeled “Legend,” but that’s another issue altogether.

Cash was recording these songs all the way up until the week he passed away.  He was passionate about what he did and it shows in the purity of his work.  I think it is this passion, this clarity, that we all long for.  No one wants to get into a career, a job, in which all they think about is getting to retirement.  We all want to be Johnny Cash in a sense.  To touch people, to change and inspire the world, to work so hard at something we do that when we pass on that passion, that love, lives on and is apparent even though we have gone.

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