Wedding Music vol 01 : Ceremony

I have now been married almost four months. And as evidence that married life directly affects the amount of free time a person has I submit this blog post. It has been four months and I am just now getting around to posting the music that I played at my wedding.

As with almost every decision that surrounds a wedding (and a healthy marriage) a great deal of compromise went into this list of songs. At certain points in the list (and I will make sure to point them out) I was given free reign over the music we selected. At other (most) points, it was a compromise between my wife and I and as such not every carefully selected track will seamlessly fit into the pages of The World Forgot. Such is life.

This will be a series of posts. Possibly taking most of this month to finish. Most of this series will involve more music and less words. Get excited.

Before the ceremony, while the guests were being seated, we decided that we wanted to play some background music. These are the six songs that were chosen (mostly by my wife).

mp3 : Alexi Murdoch – Orange Sky
mp3 : Shawn McDonald – Beautiful
mp3 : The Beatles – Let It Be
mp3 : Israel K – Somewhere Over the Rainbow
mp3 : Lior – This Old Love
mp3 : Peter Gabriel – Book of Love

You can argue in the comments as to which songs I was thrilled about and as to which songs I went along with because I love my wife and I wanted her to be happy. You can read the entire series here.

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