Fields – Everything Last Winter

How I haven’t yet posted a proper little spot about Fields is beyond me.  I really must apologize to everyone who reads this blog because I feel as if I’ve let you down.  Let you down hard.  Honestly, where has my head been?  I know I’ve been consumed with moving to a new city and starting a new job {from where I currently am blogging – don’t worry, it’s after hours}, but that in no way excuses how I let the past full year go by without mention this band.  I mean seriously.

Anyway, in 2007, yes ages ago now, Fields released the first studio full length entitled Everything Last Winter (amazon) (itunes).  I’ve had a promo copy kicking around my abode for at least nine months {mad props to the PR folks who send me schwag, I promise I listen to every album I get}, but it didn’t really hit me until I purchased a new car.  My car, at least during the past two weeks, has had only this album on constant rotation.  Every time I think about putting in a new album the next track kicks in and I just can’t stop my addiction.

mp3 : Fields – You Brought This On Yourself
mp3 : Fields – Skulls And Flesh And More

On March 10th of 2007, over eighteen months ago, I wrote that Fields were the one band I had heard in ages that accurately lived up to the hype of “the next Arcade Fire.”  I still hold that sentiment to be true.  Honestly I feel ashamed these kids haven’t been given a more proper review here on TWF before today.  What I can tell you is that from the opening track to the end of the album every second of Everything Last Winter is worth listening to.  And, to be quite blunt, there are moments in almost every song that will take you completely by surprise.  For a good example take a trip through Skulls And Flesh And More; the last ninety seconds is brilliant.  Just brilliant.

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EA Mix vol 09 – Leftovers

Leftovers are all that is still good to eat, but wasn’t quite good enough to cram down your throat at the first meal. I’m not saying that aren’t quite delectable, they’re just not what you put on your plate the first time. Well, unless you come from a big family where everything is made, bought, packaged, and stored in bulk.

EA Mix vol 09 – Leftovers

zip file : no, really, you cannot direct download. right click, open the link in a new tab or window and follow their directions.

mp3 : The Postal Service – Be Still My Heart
mp3 : Superdrag – Sucked Out
mp3 : They Might Be Giants – Am I Awake
mp3 : Fields – Charming the Flames
mp3 : Colour Revolt – Mattresses Underwater
mp3 : Get Cape Wear Cape Fly – Once More With Feeling
mp3 : Beirut – Elephant Gun
mp3 : Foo Fighters – Times Like These (Acoustic)
mp3 : Jimmy Eat World – Drugs or Me (Styrofoam Remix)
mp3 : Paolo Nutini – Jenny Don’t Be Hasty
mp3 : The Fratellis – Ole Black n Blue Eyes
mp3 : Thom Yorke – Videotape
mp3 : The Long Winters – The Commander Thinks Aloud

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