BOTM vol 01

I did this style of mix a couple of times in the past but now they’ll hopefully become a regular part of the lineup here on The World Forgot. So welcome to the first of many Best of the Month compilations. Basically I do a lot of random reading, listening, searching, finding, digesting, etc. of all the music that I can possibly get my hands on. And let’s be honest, I probably have a bit more free time than you do. Judging from the fact that I’m writing this extensive explanation and you’re simply skimming through it looking for the mp3 links I would say that’s a fair assessment of our relative free time to work time ratios. But in this case when I win, with more free time than you suckas, you end up winning with more good music.

Here listed below are tunes I randomly sampled and loved from across the interwebs this past great month of October. By no means is it a conclusive list of who’s who and what’s what, but it is a small smattering of great music that you might have missed as you carried on with your fascinatingly involved thing some people call a “real life.” Seeing as how I haven’t had one of those since I graduated from college and failed to find a “real job” I guess it’s only fair.

As with all future BOTM volumes I recommend each and every track listed here below. They’re all worth a moment of your time. Cheers, and enjoy the first volume of BOTM.

mp3 : Arcade Fire – Poupee de Cire, Poupee de Son (Serge Gainsbourg Cover)
mp3 : Bishop Allen – You Ain’t No Picaso
mp3 : Bright Eyes – Southern State
mp3 : Feist – Mushaboom (Postal Service Remix)
mp3 : Jeff Tweedy – Simple Twist of Fate
mp3 : Nada Surf – See These Bones
mp3 : Radiohead – Faithless the Wonder Boy
mp3 : Sufjan Stevens – Ring My Bells

Is it just me or does Jeff Tweedy sound like a young Bob Dylan on this track. And I might be reaching here but this Radiohead track I swear would fit in perfect as a b-side for Weezer’s Pinkerton. Maybe I’m crazy, you be the judge. And for once can Nada Surf make an entire album that lives up to their full potential for a full length? Please.

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Gossip Girl vol 03

OMG guys, I am so sorry. I’ve been swamped this past week with some new music and I have done nothing to get any of it to your ears. Honestly I’ve been consumed with playing my new xbox 360, which I bought for the sole reason of playing Halo 3. Hopefully it won’t take of the rest of my life in the way that it’s taken over my blogging world.

Anyway, here’s some updates from the third episode of Gossip Girl. Enjoy the music. The show continues to follow the way of The OC as it winds high school drama with grown up love triangles, but I’ll confess to the fact that I still enjoy watching the drama unfold. And hooray, S and B might actually be friends now that Dan has proven he actually has some balls. Yeah, I really do watch the show.

mp3 : Will.I.Am – I Got It From My Mama
mp3 : Constance Billard Choir – Glamorous
mp3 : Feist – I Feel It All

Other songs that appeared in the episode, and which I couldn’t seem to track down, are Can’t Be Happening by The Marlows, Dusk Till Dawn by Ladyhawke, and Raise Your Hand (Lifeblood Mix) by The Lights. Sorry I couldn’t find them, maybe you’ll have better luck out there in the googleverse.

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