Wedding Music vol 09 : Reception

I have now passed over my first anniversary and yet I still haven’t completed the posts for all of the music we played at our wedding.  As is probably typical of the music snob set it took literally countless hours of time to come up with this entire list.  If you want to see the rest of these postings just click here.

What follows is the continuation of the music that was played quietly in the background of the dinner and cocktail portion of the evening.  As I have said before, for this segment of the playlist, I was given carte blanche.

mp3 : Dean Martin – Everybody Loves Somebody
mp3 : Cloud Cult – Love You All
mp3 : Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight, Tonight
mp3 : Asher Lev – Motor City Mud
mp3 : Band of Horses – The Funeral

Enjoy the music.

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Wedding Music vol 04 : Reception

And so it continues, the endless supply of awesome songs that I was allowed to play at my wedding.  This section, played as background music during the cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and dinner at our reception, was left entirely up to me to arrange.  To keep the list coherent I gave my self a few limiting factors.  Mostly all of the songs conform to the following criteria; a) songs must be music I would be willing to admit I listen to and enjoy, b) most of the music is to be by singer-songwriters, c) the music needs to span a variety of artists, eras, and genres so that literally everyone at the reception will hear at least one song they recognize, and d) all of the songs must sit well in the background of dinner, drinks, and conversations.

In the end I was thrilled with these songs.  I was ecstatic.  After going back and forth over literally every song we played for our dance section of the reception (an upcoming post series) it was really fun to be given complete freedom to play whatever songs I desired.  Listening through this list today there are still some tracks that jump out and beg the question, “You played that track at your wedding?”  Well of course I did, it’s a great song.

mp3 : Andy Williams – Happy Heart
mp3 : Radiohead – Fog (Again) (Live)
mp3 : Dean Martin – I’ll Always Love You
mp3 : Donovan – Catch The Wind

There are 34 songs, just over 2 hours of music, that make up the entire backdrop to our reception.  Stay tuned for the remainder of these volumes.  If you would like to see all posts about my wedding music  click here.

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