Dashboard Confessionalac

It’s official, Stax are way better than Pringles.  Way better.  I don’t even know why I would ever buy Pringles ever again.  Stax are just that good.

Another thing that is just that good is the new Dashboard album titled The Shade of Poison Trees.  Finally Mr. Carrabas went back to what we loved him for in the beginning.  Largely acoustic tracks with a lot of pathos, ethos, and angst[os] in the lyrics.  If you feel as if this formula has run its course then you need to take a second and listen through this album.  Granted it’s not breaking new ground or floating at the top of any blogger’s Best of ’07 list, but it is a solid album from start to finish and it shows a nice maturity in the Dashboard Sound.  And for those of you not familiar with this trademarked sound [think everything tuned down to flats with a lot of D’s thrown in for fun] this album is the perfect starter kit for a fun Dashboard education.

new songs
mp3 : Dashboard Confessional – Keep Watch for the Mines
mp3 : Dashboard Confessional – Where There’s Gold

old songs
mp3 : Dashboard Confessional – The Only Gift That I Need
mp3 : Dashboard Confessional – Tonight I’ll Take What I Can Get (Acoustic)
mp3 : Dashboard Confessional – Tonight I’ll Take What I Can Get

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