The Return is Imminent – A Contest?

immi¦nent adjective
1.  likely to occur at any moment; impending: Her death is imminent.
2. projecting or leaning forward; overhanging.

Origin: 1520; < L imminent- (s. of immin), prp. of immin to overhang, equiv. to im- im- 1 + -min- from a base meaning “jut out, project, rise (cf. eminent, mount 2 ) + -ent- -ent


1. near, at hand. Imminent, Impending, Threatening all may carry the implication of menace, misfortune, disaster, but they do so in differing degrees. Imminent may portend evil: an imminent catastrophe, but also may mean simply “about to happen: The merger is imminent. Impending has a weaker sense of immediacy and threat than imminent: Real tax relief legislation is impending, but it too may be used in situations portending disaster: impending social upheaval; to dread the impending investigation. Threatening almost always suggests ominous warning and menace: a threatening sky just before the tornado struck.


Hey hey hey, it’s a contest.  Sometime in the next seven days TWF will return to the regularly scheduled broadcast.  Here’s where you come in.  Leave a comment that has your best guess as to what day and what time the first new music post will hit the net.  IE leave a comment that says something like “Tuesday at 7pm” or something of that nature.  Make sure when you’re leaving your comment that you include your email address in the comment form, no one else will see it but me and I’ll be using that information to contact the winner.

There’s a winner?  Yes, there is a winner.  Whomever guesses the closest to the actual post time, which is considered and evaluated by Eastern Standard Time in the USA, without going over will be crowned the winner.  And the winner will receive a grab bag of swag I’ve been sent over the past year {heck I’ll even link to your blog}.  I’m not sure how many albums I’ll be able to send, but it’s definitely worth your while to fill out a little comment and hope you get some free music.  Right?  Tell your friends, The World Forgot is on the way back.