LCD Soundsystem track All My Friends

Awhile back I played this song during a road trip in mixed company.  In my opinion the song is an icon.  Much to my chagrin no one else in the vehicle had ever heard it before.  To add insult to injury none of my fellow travelers would admit to knowing who LCD Soundsystem was.  Either society in general has failed or I have failed my friends.  Complete and total failure.

mp3 : LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends

The song All My Friends hails from the second studio album from the band LCD Soundsystem.  The album is Sound of Silver (amazon) (itunes) and if you haven’t yet heard the entire album you need to rectify that immediately.  And if this is the first you’re listening to this great band I hate to break the bad news; they’ve already dissolved their band and played their final concert.

+ more LCD Soundsystem @ twf hype elbows site amazonmp3 itunes

4 thoughts on “LCD Soundsystem track All My Friends”

  1. I love this track so so much. It should be in the world’s collective memory. And if it’s not, you haven’t failed the world, but the world has failed you. Thanks!


  2. Depending on where you live you can go see their movie which is out for one night only next Wednesday, the 18th. My boyfriend introduced me to LCD Soundsystem in 2009 and by the time I was completely hooked, I was able to see one of their last shows in NYC in April of last year. It was amazing… they are/were amazing.


  3. Ahhhh! Such a fantastic song. I’m excited to see the movie, and if you ever have a chance to track down the live cut from the final MSG show, it’s got a hell of a lot of heart in it.


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