Fun album Some Nights

The latest album from Nate Ruess’ latest effort, Some Nights (amazon) (itunes), is very easy to summarize.  Just imagine if Freddie Mercury and Paul Simon had a baby that grew up in the eighties.  Then that baby mined their collective database of melodies, drum beats, and creative pop songwriting.  Oh, and at some point they became sublimely infatuated with musicals.  That would sum up this album.

mp3 : Fun – Some Nights
mp3 : Fun – All Alright

There are moments throughout the album that make it almost feel as if it was tailor made to be part of a larger stage musical.  A few songs actually break down into spoken word, almost everything is told from a first person narrative (with true chorus backup vocals), and it’s obvious Nate really misses his mom.  He talks about her on a few tracks.  It’s like this grown up Mercury/Simon lovechild went off to camp and decided to write an album.  Except that they’re all circling thirty.

What smacks most oddly throughout the entire album is just how well it all works.  It feels like a run away train wreck of an album that somehow caterwauls into a musical that you can listen to over and over again.  Perhaps it’s the simplicity of the hooks or the pure sugar rush of admitting pop isn’t dead.  Perhaps the band mines just enough from their aforementioned fathers to keep us interested and a bit nostalgic.  Perhaps it’s something else entirely.  At the end of the day this album is simple genuine fun and is worth a listen.

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