James Vincent McMorrow covers Steve Winwood

A day late and a dollar short is better than never posting at all.  James Vincent McMorrow (think Bon Iver style vocals from across the pond) has covered the Steve Winwood classic Higher Love.  It’s worth a listen if you haven’t heard it before.

mp3 : James Vincent McMorrow – Higher Love (Steve Winwood Cover)

+ more James Vincent McMorrow @ twf hype elbows site last.fm amazonmp3 itunes

2 thoughts on “James Vincent McMorrow covers Steve Winwood”

  1. Billy – LOVE this song. Love this blog too. Been too long since I hopped on it. A mate does the PR for James Vincent McM BTW. Pretty cool job.

    Also, have you heard of King Charles yet? Check him out. Great mate, about to realise an album and is doing quite well over here.

    Big love to you guys!



  2. King Charles is great. Just booked tickets to see him next month.

    Loving James Vincent McMorrow, though. I’d heard of him a while back but only recently started giving his stuff a listen.


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