Adele album 21

At first I was wont to dismiss Adele as a simple, if only slightly more unique, copy of the general trend in popular music.  The equation runs like this; take girl, apply makeup, have her sing songs over a orchestrated backdrop of appropriately poppy music, move on, find a new girl.  Although this formula often makes money and fills radios with countless forgettable top twenty hits, it does not oft produce good music.  And I, well I don’t listen to bad music and neither should you.

So that brings us, in somewhat ironical fashion, to Adele.  You see the irony is that I am bored with my current music collection.  I am bored by what the internet is fascinated with and I am bored with the fact that most of the hot new remixes floating around actually came out four years ago.  In this boredom I actually turned on the radio in my car, to the local pop and top twenty station, and they were playing a song by Adele.  I knew it was Adele after about three syllables because she has an unmistakeable voice.

Also unmistakeable is the fact that she isn’t another pop princess derivative.  Sure, she’s been photographed, airbrushed, and glossed over a bit, but that is the price you pay for actually having people outside of bloggers actually do your promotion.  Her album from this year, 21 (amazon) (itunes), has both a gravity and a quality that many of her contemporaries lack (and to be fair they don’t even recognize it in their competition).  I’m not saying this is the best album I have heard, or even will hear in the next three months, but it is decidedly worth listening to.

mp3 : Adele – Someone Like You

I cannot seem to move beyond the brilliant subdued nature of the song.  The piano melody and tempo sits in perfect harmony with the lyrics.  And although you could probably write this song off as yet another dramatic breakup eulogy that unmistakeable voice, that signature of Adele, lends a gravity and depth to this track which makes it worth putting on repeat.

Upon repeated listening to this track I cannot help but see a dramatic memory montage of every person I’ve ever had to say goodbye to.  And apparently I said all of these goodbyes in the rain.

+ more Adele @ twf hype elbows site amazonmp3 itunes

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