Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons took the world by storm last year with their debut album Sigh No More.  Since the album launched in February the boys have been busy traveling the world, playing various shows, opening for Bob Dylan, dropping a brilliant performance on La Blogotheque, and generally being involved in all manner of music making mischief.  Seems as if throughout this process they’ve also begun penning and performing music for their second album, as of yet untitled, which is set to be made available in the later parts of this year.

mp3 : Mumford & Sons – Home (Possible Title) (Live on KCBO)
mp3 : Mumford & Sons – Lovers Eyes (Possible Title) (Live)

It’s obvious on these two tracks that the band hasn’t strayed far from their modern folk sound (which is undoubtedly a good thing).  Hopefully the remainder of the album will be as solid.

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