Fleet Foxes album Helplessness Blues

What’s the idiom?  A day late and a dollar short.  That’s what I fear my blog has become.  To be fair it’s a simple cause and effect.  I no longer walk across the street to work; I commute alone in a car for about one hour every day.  I am also married, ergo I don’t sit around and just listen to music while playing video games whenever I get home from work.  But who really cares, there is music to be had.

Helplessness Blues (amazon) (itunes) is the latest effort by Fleet Foxes.  And it is a stunning, gorgeous effort.  Due to my aforementioned music listening restrictions I generally have eight albums that are on my current rotation.  These albums usually stick around for about a month before heading into the archive to make way for new material.  For whatever reason it’s been three months and I still find myself coming back to the layered new folk vocals of Helplessness Blues.  This album is captivating and the title track has been my favorite song to sing along to (alone, in my car, windows not always rolled up).

mp3 : Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues
mp3 : Fleet Foxes – Grown Ocean

Both of these tracks capture the essence of Helplessness Blues.  There is a driving narrative throughout each song on the album that speaks a familiar language with enough nuance and substance to keep you listening as each story unfolds.  This is truly a wonderful album and will surely be on any respectable best of list come December.

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