Jonsi dvd/album Go Quiet

Technically the acoustic DVD of Jonsi’s 2010 album Go is more of a visual feast; a tour de force of visual and aural art combinations.  Watching the entire film, entitled Go Quiet (amazon) (and also mostly available on youtube), is akin to admitting you need a moment to ponder the wonders of this world.  About three songs into the album/movie you realize that most of what you worry and fret about on a daily basis is really boring, mundane, and trivial.

Only a few artists transcend the status of musician and truly are artists in every sense of the word.  I would put Sufjan Stevens on that list and I would definitely put Jonsi right next to him.  There is a special reverence in his live performance that mere mortals don’t stumble upon accidentally; a transcendent, captivating, emotional outpouring that is difficult to describe yet incredibly easy to experience and enjoy as a listener, watcher, consumer.

mp3 : Jonsi – Tornado (Go Quiet Version)
mp3 : Jonsi – Kolnidur (Go Quiet Version)

The songs in Go Quiet are the same as the songs on his album Go.  Lyrics and melodies remain unchanged.  The music, however, is stripped down to only what Jonsi could provide in a live recorded setting.  And it is breathtaking.  Please take forty five minutes of your life and spend it watching Go Quiet.

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