Wedding Music vol 03 : Ceremony

And so the Wedding Music posts continue (with plenty more to come).  After this volume the rest of the music is pretty much a mix tape filled with awesome.  During the ceremony we linked together songs that all had a similar tone and vibe and built upon the theme of a traditional yet contemporary ceremony.  Hence the use of Vitamin String Quartet and other modern acts.

In this final Ceremony volume there are four tracks that were played while the guests were being dismissed from the church.  We probably could have added another track into this time, but it didn’t seem necessary and it was background music anyway.

If you’d like to see all of my Wedding Music click here to see this entire series.

mp3 : The Ooks of Hazzard – Kids (MGMT Cover)
mp3 : Sea Wolf – Middle Distance Runner
mp3 : Vitamin String Quartet – Across the Sea (Weezer Cover)
mp3 : Vitamin String Quartet – All I Want Is You (U2 Cover)

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