Mumford and Sons cover White Lies

Recently the four boys in Mumford and Sons found themselves in the cozy recording/broadcasting studios of the best Australian radio station, Triple J, on their program aptly named Like a Version.  (shot disclaimer; Triple J is the only Aussie radio station I’ve ever heard of).  Well as part of this program Mumford and Sons decided to cover a great song by White Lies.  It’s an interesting banjo and modern folk take on what is essentially a rather dark anthemic rock song.  Have a listen yourself.

mp3 : Mumford and Sons – Unfinished Business (White Lies Cover)

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4 thoughts on “Mumford and Sons cover White Lies”

  1. What a great cover! Mumford isn’t the type of band that’s normally my cup of tea but I’m liking them more and more. This “Unfinished Business” original should have been the White Lies single here in the US.


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