Surrounded covers The National

I wade through my inbox about once a week and it’s fairly rare that anything really catches my attention amidst the various detritus I’m sent from PR firms, myspace kids, and random self promoters.  About once every other month, however, I am pleasantly surprised by an email that is short, to the point, well written, and contains a little musical gem.  This time around the email came from Marcus Knutsson and essentially said “Last saturday when we rehearsed and recorded some new stuff, we did a cover of National’s Bloodbuzz Ohio. Its shot with my videocamera in my livingroom in Gothenburg (Sweden) …it turned out pretty good i think.”

Well I think it turned out pretty good as well.  This is a perfect cover.

mp3 : Surrounded – Bloodbuzz Ohio (The National Cover)

You can also watch the recording on Youtube here.

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