Arcade Fire is Leaking Songs

If you’ve been trolling the internet over the past month or so you’ve most likely stumbled upon a smattering of tracks off the upcoming Arcade Fire album The Suburbs which is due out later this year.  To be honest, after hearing the tracks, I’m not nearly as excited for the full album as I used to be.  Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s that we’ve been spoiled already this year with gorgeous albums from The National and Jonsi (amongst others), but I’m not sensing the underlying brilliance that I was hoping for.  I do hope that I am scared for no reason.

mp3 : Arcade Fire – Ready To Start
mp3 : Arcade Fire – We Used To Wait

To be quite frank the song Ready To Start would sound more at home with Julian Casablancas on lead vocals.  The last minute, when the melody breaks down for a moment, you start to feel that Arcade Fire is back on track, but the track never crescendos, never reaches any sort of musical epiphany, never really sounds like Arcade Fire.  The other track, the ripped from a radio broadcast We Used To Wait, has a lot more promise to it.  If the rest of the album is more like We Used To Wait there’s still a chance; if most of the album sounds like Ready To Start we’re probably going to be disappointed.

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