B.o.B. and Rivers Cuomo find Magic

In certain situations math can be a tricky subject.  In this case it’s rather straightforward.  B.o.B. + Rivers Cuomo = Outkast.  Ok, that might be an oversimplification.  It might be more B.o.B. + Rivers Cuomo = Andre 3000 + Weezer.  Yeah, that feels better.

All cheeky quips aside does anyone else notice that B.o.B. on this track sounds uncannily like Andre 3000?  If you didn’t know better (or if you remove the “Hi, my name is B.o.B.” vocal from the start of the track) you could almost find yourself believing this was arguably the better 1/2 of Outkast back behind the mic.

mp3 : B.o.B. (feat Rivers Cuomo) – Magic

For the completionists among you this track hails from the B.o.B. album The Adventures of Bobby Ray (amazon) (itunes) which was released earlier this year.

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