Kid CuDi track All Talk

Bear with me as I continue to upgrade the underlying structure of TWF behind the scenes.  Yes, most of those changes don’t affect you at all.  Yes they are important.  Yes they do take away from me being able to blog about music.  Yes a brand new look is coming to this page (it’s time to step out of the dark… soon).

In other news CuDi is amazing.  I’m not a huge fan of the section during which Chip Tha Ripper is allowed to talk (although it is growing on me), but other than that small segment this track is beautiful.  Who else in the current generation of rappers uses his rhymes and his samples so effectively?  No one does this as well as CuDi.

mp3 : Kid CuDi (feat LCD Soundsystem Chip Tha Ripper Christian Bale) – All Talk

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