Jonsi new album Go

Jonsi Birgisson is most well known for his work as the front man for the Icelandic group Sigur Ros.  On their albums he usually sings in Icelandic or a made up language he coined Hopelandic.  On the rare occasion he switches over to English but those tracks are few and far between.  This is not the case on Jonsi’s debut solo album.  Each track is packed with energy and the album only contains one track not sung in English.  What it boils down to is this album feels like Jonsi has recorded everything he wanted to sing that didn’t quite fit in with his Sigur Ros compatriots.  (And note, this album is head and shoulders above the Jonsi and Alex album from last year).

mp3 : Jonsi – Go Do
mp3 : Jonsi – Boy Lilikoi

Overall this album tends to be more joyous and more pop oriented that Jonsi’s previous efforts with Sigur Ros.  Where his band leans toward atmospheric sparse soundscapes filled with melancholic emotions his solo effort veers toward territory that is undeniably happy.  Melodies are playful and many tracks drive about with the abandon of children of play.  It is undoubtedly a solid solo effort and it proves that Jonsi is a huge part of the Sigur Ros talent pool.  The album, entitled Go (amazon) (itunes), will be released on April 5th.

And because I’m a huge fan of Jonsi’s music I thought I would throw out this cover he performed on BBC 1 during an interview.

mp3 : Jonsi – Time to Pretend (MGMT)

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