Kid Cudi track CuDi Zone

Another weekend fast approaches (and for those of you in the UK and east you’re already there) and who better than Cudi to ease you into your Friday night.  This song falls under the “it’s been stuck in my head for more than a day so I thought I should post it and pass the obsession along” variety.  And let’s be honest, Cudi is rapidly becoming one of the most consistent rappers of his generation.  Enjoy.

mp3 : Kid Cudi – CuDi Zone

For the completionists out there; this track hails from Cudi’s 2009 album Man On The Moon: The End Of Day (amazon) (itunes).

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6 thoughts on “Kid Cudi track CuDi Zone”

  1. I still dig that “Pursuit of Happiness” track of his with MGMT and Ratatat that you posted awhile back. He should’ve won the Grammy for best rap song (“Day ‘N Nite”), alas. I really like his “Enter Galactic” track as well. Too bad we didn’t see him open for Lady Gaga in Chicago — he got kicked off that tour earlier for hitting a fan, apparently. Very un-Cudi-like behavior, very un-Zen.


  2. “Cudi is rapidly becoming one of the most consistent rappers of his generation.”

    Dude, for a guy that lives and breathes waaaay outside hip hop, them’s pretty big words. Getting ahead of yourself just a little bit. Agreed that Cudi is dope, and more importantly, appeals very strongly across the hip hop/not hip hop divide.


  3. i might live and breathe outside the hip hop lines, but that doesn’t mean i don’t have a small collection of hip hop that i truly enjoy. and i must reiterate that i do find Cudi to be one of the most consistent rappers in this generation. in an era where popular opinion appears dominated by soulja boy, flo rida, and other bottom feeders it’s nice to find actual talent in an artist.


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