Vampire Weekend remixed by Miike Snow

I’m so done caring about this band that I don’t even care that you don’t care either.  At all.  I do however find this fresh remix by Miike Snow to be perfection.  I would care if their next album was going to sound more like this and less like them.

mp3 : Vampire Weekend – The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance (Miike Snow Remix)

Sorry for the brevity, and the snark, I’m working on my Best of 2009 list as well as compiling a massive dance party mix list that needs to last through 4-5 hours of a wedding reception (talk about pressure).

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7 thoughts on “Vampire Weekend remixed by Miike Snow”

  1. I second the request for the dance mix, as well as the sentiment towards Vampire Weekend.

    Miike Snow, on the other hand, is bloody fantastic.


  2. i’ll post my wedding reception / dance party mix when it’s all said and done (don’t hold your breath, my deadline is july 10).

    it’s incredibly hard to come up with music that is A) danceable B) not overly long C) can apply to various generations and D) isn’t super offensive (i really wanted to drop some busta rhymes remixes, etc., into the mix but they’re just way too filled with offensive lyrics for a wedding reception).

    all that being said i think i’ll break the reception down into a few different parts.
    1 – general mingling / cocktails / dinner
    2 – special songs (first dance, etc.)
    3 – opening dance tunes (crowd favorites mixed in with slow songs)
    4 – full on dance club / mini rave / nothing but remixes

    what has been more fun than making this list has been the compilation of “these songs will NOT be played” list. it’s already over 50 songs.


  3. Was gibt es zu Gregor Tresher noch zu schreiben jede CD sollte man antesten. Viele vergleichen ihn mit Produktion wie Pascal Feos. Seine tranceähnliche Stimmung beeindrucken bei jedem Album von Ihm. Alles über Gregor Tresher bei:


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