The Long Winters track Scared Straight

I did some driving today.  And, oddly enough, driving is where I listen to old music.  Yes I have a decent car. No I don’t have disposable income that would support an mp3 player and hookup to go with said car.  Sad really.  But it does allow me to listen to older tracks and albums while I’m driving about the countryside.

Today I put a track on one song repeat and listened to it over and over again.  It’s just that good.  The track hails from The Long Winters album When I Pretend to Fall (amazon) (itunes) and in all honesty is sublimely brilliant.  The music is catchy without being overdone and the lyrics, seriously, the lyrics are really where the brilliance of this track sets it.  Especially the bridge.  It’s so good I’m not afraid to tweet random snippets of this song on a regular basis.  It’s so good I’m still listening to it on one song repeat right now.  It’s so good you’ll download the track and then immediately buy their entire discography.

mp3 : The Long Winters – Scared Straight

It’s so good I thought I would simply include the lyrics here.  Enjoy.

Washington’s on the one
I’m in the middle of speaking
And you’re under the gun
Seething, leave it to the lone nut
It’s unappealing in someone so young

Plaintive, you’re feeling so washed up
And you mean it when you say you’re done
Five lanes of freeway
But it’s all gone dark
You called to say you’re gonna run

Well, Can you wait?
Can you stand it?
Are you brave or are you scared straight?

She didn’t want you to:
Speak right, be strong, act nice, take so long
Call time, seem tired, leave mad, get so wired

Maybe you belong to someone
Maybe you have finally met them
Maybe smoke belongs in the sky
Maybe I hate it when you cry

You were hurt so you got hard
You were cursed and scolded and scared
You were searched for, then ignored
You want to burn the liars?
You’ll set us both on fire

You’re faking, so I’m pretend sleeping
Waiting for this to be fun
It’s true little miss mean mini-bar guard
We’re gonna have to try something new

Let me breath fire down on you

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