TWF is Boring, I Know, But Here’s Why

My posts will be hit or miss the next few weeks here on TWF.  This is partially because I’m busy, but more importantly my 8 year old laptop struggles mightily to run the programs that allow me to post.  Hopefully by the end of June or early July I will have a new laptop in hand that can handle all that i need to continue making TWF a place to discover new music.

And just for those who are interested I currently use a Sony Vaio laptop that was bought in 2001. Yes, that’s right, 2001.  Which means the laptop and the technology inside of it are almost a decade old.  As I type this reply i have to pause after every two or three words because it takes that long for each letter to appear on screen after I’ve hit a key. {Just launching Firefox on this laptop takes around 52 seconds on average… trust me, when it takes that long, you have nothing better to do than time it and find the average}.  It’s rocking a Pentium 700Mhz processor {which is roughly 1/5 as powerful as present day mobile phone processors} and I’ve maxed it out with a glorious 512MB of RAM.  Oh, I also have only about 1GB free of hard drive space to spare which makes it almost impossible to download new music, rip CDs to mp3, or do anything else that facilitates listening to new artists or new albums.

Basically my current computer setup {flavored slightly by the amount of free time i have} has made it not enjoyable to post about music here.  In fact it’s quite literally a pain.

For awhile I was using an extra computer at work to post {this accounted for the quick flurry of posts in April and May}, but this opportunity is now not available {yes, I am still employed, but now I’ve become busier than ever with work and I’ve taken over the website here and, well, life in general seems to be moving fast}.

Long story short I’ll post as much as I can when I can.  Thanks for being patient with me…

16 thoughts on “TWF is Boring, I Know, But Here’s Why”

  1. @Rosie – yeah, it’s actually been very very frustrating for me… can’t wait for a couple of paychecks to hit the bank so i have money to play with {i just finished paying off my car, so now i might be able to afford a new computer}.


  2. Have you thought of getting an ext hard drive in the meantime?

    They are so useful anyway (everything is safe if your computer crashes or dies), they only cost $50-$100 and can store all of your music, photos and other stuff freeing up memory and speeding up your laptop.

    I don’t know how I lived without mine…


  3. uh, thanks @jonny – i actually have 2 external hard drives. which are almost impossible to realistically use with the size and amount of data i use and the fact that i have only lowly usb 1.1 on my ancient laptop.

    right now they both serve as backup/archives of all the music i’ve ever listened to as well as all my photos/videos/media that i’ve personally created.

    once i’m on my way with a new laptop, possibly a 14″ acer timeline, i’ll be back on the road.


  4. Aw… 😦
    I’ll miss the great music, Billy. But only a little music is better than none.
    Hey, have you heard any of the new Reverie Sound Revue album yet? Actually, do you listen to RSR at all? They’re my favourite band of all time♥ but I’ve never seen them on the site before!
    Aaaaaanyways, keep finding great music♥!


  5. Yeah, condolences.

    What version of WP do you use? The most current one lags like crazy on ANY machine I access it with, which is a pain. I almost wish they’d strip down the interface a notch or two; who cares what the back end looks like?


  6. Its really quite sad how musically lost I am without your input…I’ve been listening to the glastonbury feeds and thats it lately…oh dear!


  7. If you’re so inclined I may be interested in parting with a 9 month old macbook for a good rate. Its the old white one and it’s the botto of the line as far as macbooks go…


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