We Plants Are Happy Plants : new song : Apollo

We Plants Are Happy Plants has deemed us worthy of a new track from a forthcoming album entitled Twilight of The Dawn.  The track is entitled Apollo.  Now whether or not he is referencing the Greek god, the Apollo series of space flights taken by NASA, or Battlestar Galactica is up for interpretation.  Regardless of actual reference the common thread between those three possibilities and the track itself is this; they are all out of this world.  Literally.

mp3 : We Plants Are Happy Plants – Apollo

The opening dialogue in the track is from the cult movie The Man From Earth which seems slightly ironic considering the word Apollo and almost all possible references of that name are opposite both the title and theme of that movie {it’s basically a film about a man who was born a cave man but is still alive in modern times}.  All indie movie and Greek god references aside this track is simple brilliance, yet again, from We Plants Are Happy Plants.  And to be honest I expect nothing less from Peter Bergmann.

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7 thoughts on “We Plants Are Happy Plants : new song : Apollo”

  1. I did several searches looking for info on this song and every time it just brought up your blog about it… come on! you can’t be that popular. Has the song not been released yet or something… I mean, seriously!


  2. I am so incredibly excited about the prospect of a WPAHP album. I’ve loved everything of his I’ve heard on the blog so far, and can’t wait to hear more.

    You’ll have to keep us posted on when ‘Twilight of the Dawn’ hits, and how we can find it. Thanks again.


  3. Does any1 kno where the the voice talking about time is from?
    i suspect its 2 audio clips but i donno where theyre from can anyone help>?

    Thnx in advance & this song is sexor xD


  4. @zangetsuBankai – read much? the second paragraph of the post talks about where the dialog comes from.

    @Tmo – thanks for helping them along


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