Zach Williams

There are some artists that just grab your attention and never let it go no matter what new bands or new albums come along to steal your short term attention.  Zach Williams is one of those artists.  I first became hip to his sound when he was living in Florida, playing under the moniker Zach Williams and The Ramparts, and only had a few tracks available on his myspace page.  Well today I stumbled upon a few of the tracks that I first learned to love about two years ago and I thought I would put them up for everyone to hear.

mp3 : Zach Williams – Across the Bridge (Live at Rockwood)
mp3 : Zach Williams – Fears (Live at Rockwood)

Zach just has a sound that makes me extremely proud to have found his music and, according to the index over at, there has yet to be a single other blog on this planet that’s mentioned Zach’s music.  Now he lives in New York and plays a variety of intimate shows and you should count yourself lucky to see a live set.  If you do happen to drop by a set make sure you talk to Zach after his show, and mention you heard about him here on TWF.  I’ve had a few readers do just that and I’m hoping more of you will follow suit.

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5 thoughts on “Zach Williams”

  1. Love your blog. And i love Zach Williams. Do you know where i can hold of that track Across the River… it’s not on itunes or his album. Cheers.


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