Snow Patrol – Most Epic Song of the Year?

As I’ve been looking at which albums will be making my year ending best of 2008 list I’ve been going back through and listening to all the albums that are still in the running.  The list stands, currently, at about twenty albums and yes, Snow Patrol is still on that list.  And every time I look back over the list, just in text form, I always ask myself “why is Snow Patrol still in the running for my top ten?”  The simple explanation for this is the last song on the album.  That track alone is enough to keep it in the running.

mp3 : Snow Patrol – The Lightning Strike: (i) What If This Storm Ends?/ (ii) The Sunlight Through The Flags/ (iii) Daybreak

Ok, before you download or listen to this song be warned that is over a full sixteen minutes long.  Yes it is a brilliant sixteen minutes and it’s as easy to listen to as it is captivating, but once you start the track you’ll be amazed at how quickly a quarter of an hour slips away.  Last year the most epic track released was hands down Of Montreal’s The Past is a Grotesque Animal, but this year that crown might just be passed to Snow Patrol.

Oh, and for those of you who care this track, or rather this three act song, hail from Snow Patrol’s latest album A Hundred Million Suns (itunes) (amazon).

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4 thoughts on “Snow Patrol – Most Epic Song of the Year?”

  1. Cheers to this post. Epic song, great band. But good job on posting Snow Patrol. Most blogs would take the safe route and avoid talking about them because they aren’t “hip”.

    Good stuff man!!


  2. I agree with this post 100%. I hadn’t really given their album much notice until this song hit my playlist on shuffle. It’s an amazing track; Snow Patrol is so underrated.


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