Coldplay – Prospekt’s March

If you haven’t figured it out by now I’m not sure you’ve actually been reading The World Forgot.  More than likely you’re one of the thousands who drop by simply for a little slice of music and care nothing for the time, effort, and blood poured into these few words.  {Alright, to be fair I generally write off the cuff and I reckon I’m a fairly clever chap so I don’t even proofread much}.  Anyway, what I started off saying was that if you haven’t figured it out by now I’m kind of a sucker for Chris Martin and his three buddies.

Before I moved to a new city to start my new job Coldplay went ahead and, with absolutely no regard for my personal schedule, released an EP they call Prospekt’s March (amazon) (itunes).  I’ve finally had the oportunity to sit down and trip through the album a good amount and I must say that I like what they’ve done.  Some of the songs would easily have fit on a proper album and the rest are more than worth their salt.

mp3 : Coldplay – Glass of Water
mp3 : Coldplay – Lost+ (feat Jay-Z)

Glass of Water almost feels like it was taken off Viva la Vida (amazon) (itunes) at the last minute.  It even has the slightly awkward second act tacked on as a different melody just like many tracks that did make the cut for Viva la Vida.  What I’m trying to say, and failing at actually communicating, is that I really love Glass of Water.  Seriously listen to it now.  This track is tied with Lost+ as my favorite from the EP.  Although some will hate the fact that Hova lends a rhyme to Coldplay I think if you give it time it will grow on you.

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4 thoughts on “Coldplay – Prospekt’s March”

  1. Billy,

    Cool blog. I really didn’t like the Jay Z remix. Just sounded odd having the two together. Glass of water is better IMHO. You got a lot off cool songs and mixes. Keep it up!!!!


  2. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Coldplay … songs like Shiver are absolutely amazing, but I also saw them do a live set outside the BBC and it was awful. I think it depends on which day of the week it is as to whether I like them or not.


  3. @ mike – thanks mate. the jay z verse on Lost+ is pretty sweet in my opinon, but i can totaly understand how a lot of coldplay fans {or fans of pure power/anthem/arena pop} wouldn’t like it. i thought it was nice to see J give a little something back to coldplay after Chris lent him his talent a year or so back.

    @ Tim – understandable. i saw them play live about five years ago and it was brilliant. now they have songs with string sections and they literally hit play on a recorded string track. barf. why they don’t simply tour with a string quartet is beyond me. surely they could afford it and it would make their live sets so much more dynamic.


  4. Well you indeed are a fairly clever chap, and your posts are highly entertaining–written off the cuff or not.

    I totally support your idea of Coldplay touring with a string quartet. I would loooove to be a part of that! AHHHH. (And I actually do play a stringed instrument.) But I’m a hardcore Coldplay fan all the way. String quartet or no.

    I also love Postcards from Far Away off the new EP…I wish it were longer!! It’s beautiful.


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