Natasha Bedingfield

Two things are certain about Natasha Bedingfield; she’s quite attractive, she seems to have good taste in music, her guitarist that plays with her for acoustic sets is tops, and her own music isn’t really what I would choose for a mix tape.  Ok, so maybe that was more like four things that are certain about her, but counting doesn’t count for much here on TWF.  Music matters, not the rest of the hullabaloo.  That being said Natasha has polished off a small handful of excellent covers in her recording career.  Enjoy.

mp3 : Natasha Bedingfield – Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol Cover)
mp3 : Natasha Bedingfield – Somewhere Only We Know (Keane Cover)
mp3 : Natasha Bedingfield – The Scientist (Coldplay Cover)
mp3 : Natasha Bedingfield – This Love (Maroon 5 Cover)

Chasing Cars and The Scientist are my favorites of these tracks.  Admittedly it’s hard to go wrong when you pick excellent source material.  One thing I’d like to note is I do believe Natasha took the decidedly middle of the road, radio friendly drivel known as This Love by Maroon 5, and actually made it interesting to listen to.  If I ever meet her I’ll make sure to give her a hug in thanks for that.

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7 thoughts on “Natasha Bedingfield”

  1. Hey … I Love Natasha Bedingfield … and I wanna know … Do u know what’s the name of her guitarist??? Thanks


  2. Hey! I know this is really old but I was looking for these covers and I can’t find them anywhere. Do you have them posted elsewhere? <3Thanks!


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