Joshua Radin

To be honest Joshua Radin most likely owes his success to three things; his talent, his buddy Zach Braff, and the shining endorsement by Ellen.  And to be brutally honest not necessarily in that order.  Joshua was a singer songwriter who first got his break when his pal Zach got some of his tunes used in Scrubs and his movie The Last Kiss.  Later he was endorsed wholeheartedly by Ellen and his album took off to the top of iTunes for a bit.  More recently he played at Ellen’s wedding, then again on Ellen’s talk show, and after announcing he bought himself out a deal involving multiple records, he formed his own label to sell his own music because he didn’t like the accessible/pop styling his label was forcing him into {but really, who doesn’t do that these days?  Sufjan has his own label, Jack Johnson has his own label, I bought a website once and called it a label, now if only Jon McLaughlin would wise up}.

The bottom line is this.  If you like Joshua Radin before he hit the big time then you’ll still like him today.  If you’ve never heard of him before it’s good that he’s getting more exposure because he really is a talented singer songwriter.  On his latest self released album, Simple Times (amazon) (itunes), Joshua stays true to the folksy, acoustic, harmony filled sound that first made him the poster child for melancholic whisper wars from coast to coast.  The album isn’t daring or extraordinary, but it is well crafted, well produced, and flows seamlessly from start to finish.

mp3 : Joshua Radin – One of Those Days
mp3 : Joshua Radin – You Got Growin’ Up To Do

In the music world today it might help to have friends in high places, but it doesn’t hurt to have some talent to go along with who you know.

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