Greg Laswell

A few months back Greg Laswell impressed me with his cover of Cyndi Lauper’s classic Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  At that time he had just come out with an EP and was dutifully slaving away on creating his latest album, Three Flights from Alto Nido (amazon) (itunes), which was quite awesomely sent out to me a few weeks after writing that first post.  Here is the part of this post where I try to make up a clever reason why I haven’t posted about this album in such a long time, but I’m bored, it’s Monday, so I’ll just stick with the truth this time around {usually I lie like a rug here on TWF.  You really can’t trust the interwebs}.

So why haven’t I written about this album yet?  Because it’s brilliant.  Most of the time the word brilliant being associated with an album makes me want to post about it immediately, that day, on the spot.  This time around, though, everyone I know agrees that it is brilliant.  As such this album has been loaned out, heard by quite a few people, and garnered almost universal acclaim amongst my friends and family  {I think even my mother likes it}.  Trust me when I say that every single track on this album is worth listening to.  From the opening track to the closing acoustic revision of That It Moves, which also appears in a more electric version as the second track, you’ll be grateful you’ve added Greg Laswell to your 2008 album collection.

mp3 : Greg Laswell – Comes And Goes (In Waves)
mp3 : Greg Laswell – I’d Be Lying

Find a way to listen to the entire album.  Go, leave, find it.  The end.

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