We Plants Are Happy Plants

A few months ago I raved about two remixes I stumbled upon done by We Plants Are Happy Plants.  Turns out his name is Peter Bergmann, he doesn’t have a proper website {although he needs one}, he likes his myspace profile quite, well, eccentric, and he has an impressive group of musicians who’ve influenced his work.  Among others he lists Radiohead, Daft Punk, Justice, Sebastian Tellier, DatA, Hot Chip, and James Murphy.  With such lofty goals it might be easy to write him off as just another myspace wannabe, but that isn’t the case with Peter’s music.  His latest effort, or at least the latest track he’s emailed out, is brilliant.

mp3 : We Plants Are Happy Plants – UITC

The UITC stands for Up In The Clouds and that’s precisely how I feel when I listen to this track.  I might be mistaken but I think I recognize bits of the soundtrack from the amazing The Dark Knight.  If anyone can identify exactly what the strings section in UITC comes from please leave it in a comment.  I think it’s from latest Batman, but I couldn’t pin it down exactly when I was randomly fast forwarding through the score last night.  Oh, and make sure you check out his myspace page.  Consider yourself adequately warned that it might take awhile to load and/or may cause epileptic seizures.

Edit : Peter just emailed me to let me know “…the strings in UITC are looped from James Newton Howard’s Lady In The Water soundtrack from the song ‘the great eatlon'” – thanks Peter, and keep making great music.

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