Goodtimes Goodtimes

Franc Cinelli, aka Goodtimes Goodtimes, is hard at work back in the studio preparing a new album for all of us fans to digest.  Previously I wrote that he sounds hauntingly similar to Bob Dylan and I think these new tracks, which he so graciously emailed to me this morning, go a long way toward creating his own musical identity.  Granted he’s still in the Dylan family, but it feels more like Bob meets Jakob with a twist that is one hundred percent Franc Cinelli.  I know I’m looking forward to the new album.  Here’s some new tracks that might be featured on that disc.

mp3 : Goodtimes Goodtimes – Darlin’
mp3 : Goodtimes Goodtimes – For All My Kingdom

I’m really liking both of these new songs.  If you’re digging his new songs make sure you check out my previous post about Goodtimes Goodtimes, including four songs for download, here.  Still great nine months later.

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