I’ve liked Moby since the day I started finding music on my own.  He’s always been good in my opinion, and although there are numerous haters populating this world, without Moby today’s music would be much different.  Today, as well, is a perfect day for these two Moby songs.  I just received a job offer to go work in Shanghai and I’m almost certainly going to take it.  This will mean a bit of travel, probably a bit of money out of pocket, and in the future my posts will probably hit the net at a different time of the day.  Also, it will mean leaving behind a slew of friends, a lot of good times, and a lot of things that can only be found in the States {family for one}.  Fortunately, and this is a bonus for me, this time around there will be no girlfriend left behind {the last time I moved to China was a bit rough}.

mp3 : Moby – God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters
mp3 : Moby – When It’s Cold I’d Like To Die

Both of these songs just felt right for the mood of today.  It’s overcast, there’s a slight drizzle, and it’s a lazy afternoon complicated by the decisions and planning associated with this new job offer.  Thanks to Moby for making enough songs to essentially have a soundtrack for each day in my life.  Both of these tracks hail from a compilation Moby put out in 2000 simply titled Songs (amazon) (itunes).  It’s one of my favorite discs of his and if you already have Play this is the second album you should get.

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8 thoughts on “Moby”

  1. Hope you take the right decision..but please go on posting ’cause this one of the best blog! about Moby, yes he’s great! Joe


  2. seeing as your’s was the first ever music blog i both saw and bookmarked, that’s extremely good news 🙂 and yes, enjoy your move to China, wheeeeeeee! xoxoxo


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