Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama

I had the good fortune of having two tickets to get into Barack Obama’s northern Indiana town hall meeting which took place earlier today.  Barack was charismatic as always and his speech was filled with rhetoric and patriotism not heard since the speeches of JFK.  Fortunately it seems as if Obama actually has plans and strategies to back up his platform of hope.  He spoke for over an hour and during that time, in keeping with the town hall theme, he fielded some questions from the audience.  Let me tell you I was disappointed in the lack of intelligence put forth by my fellow Hoosiers.  No one asked what Barack’s opinion was on the rationale behind the theory that America acts as the World Police, that we largely shirked all responsibility by failing to ratify the Kyoto Treaty, or that we seem to feel as if invading Iraq was justified due to the strife and calamity prevalent under Sadam Hussein when all over the world over 25,000 people die every single day for lack of food and potable water.

What we needed was a question about something that actually matters.  No one asked about Barack’s stance on nuclear power, immigration, or illegal aliens currently in this country.  I personally would’ve liked to hear Senator Obama detail his plan to have American made cars getting 150 miles per gallon in the next ten years {a far sight better than Bush’s plan to have a fleet average 35 mpg by 2020}, or to hear Barack answer literally any question about anything to do with China.  All my opinions on the questions aside, I feel as if Senator Obama is on the right track when he says that he wants to change the way Washington D.C. operates.  I would appreciate a question on whether or not Barack supports a complete ban of lobbyists in Washington.  Alas the majority of questions he fielded were simple and boring {and even though my hand was raised I was not called upon to voice a question}.

mp3 : Bruce Springsteen – Livin’ in the Future

At the end of the meeting Barack Obama shook hands with as many voters as he could find, much to the chagrin of the Secret Service, while the campaign gurus opted to play Livin’ in the Future as Senator Obama’s exit music.  Now this isn’t the first time The Boss has been associated with politics, Obama, or with political happenings across this nation, but I personally found the song choice a little melancholic.  Although the song is catchy and upbeat the lyrics paint a fairly bleak picture of the future.  I personally would choose to play Mates of State’s song Get Better with the repeated chorus of “everything’s gonna get lighter even if it never gets better” and the repeated line “forget all your politics for awhile, let the color squeeze around.”  Maybe I’m joking.  Maybe that’s why I’m an unemployed blogger.

Rock the Vote

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10 thoughts on “Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama”

  1. did you just use your music blog to endorse a political candidate for president? you make me sick.

    Seriously though, when did you jump on the Barack Obama band wagon? Was it because you’re still upset the Republicans failed to pick Ron Paul? That’s about the only reason I can see for why you would do that.

    That, or McCain said he would attack China with the North if elected.


  2. Lest we forget, JFK was not that great of a president. He simply met a dramatic, untimely end that made him a national legend. A grandiloquent candidate does not a great president make. And if your fellow Hoosiers’ intelligence is found lacking, at least spell “disappointed” right. Converse to popular belief, we’re not all ninnies and rubes here.

    I know this isn’t, but you let fly first. It reads as if you were just put off that you weren’t called on.

    Anyway, great Mates of State song.


  3. well, jon, i actually had two other misspellings in my little post, but we both missed those. i’ll say we’re even.

    for the most part i’m not impressed with the intelligence with indiana. it’s no small wonder that most of our college grads choose to move to other states immediately upon graduation.

    i’m not in the least put off i wasn’t called on to ask a question. it was my decision to sit in the back of the auditorium {better pictures}. what i was put off by was the the lack of good questions posed by those who got the chance at a microphone. one question was voiced “what is your greatest wishes during the first months in the white house?” another questioner ranted on and on about his small business and his business friends and, in fact, his little tirade didn’t contain a single question at all. after each “question” was voiced the group of people i was sitting with would all look at each other and silently mouth our disbelief. it was quite sad.


  4. and you’re commenting like the jr. high kid who was too much of a wimp to fight anyone. droll, go take a shower with your gym shorts on and leave the sparring to the big kids.


  5. (Oh, I didn’t miss the other misspellings. I don’t want to rib you too hard tho’.)

    It’s true that ‘brain drain’ is a problem in the Hoosierland. I may be a bit touchy about this, yes, but the drain doesn’t make anyone who is here or remains here any less intelligent. That said, it is unfortunate that someone would monopolize time at the mic with BO to talk about himselves, not even posing a question. (This also happened last week during a Q&A session with the ‘stars’ after the ‘American Teen’ documentary premiered in Indianapolis. Egad, people, be quiet your mouths.)

    And Droll, this is hardly junior high here. Yeah, we could prattle on, poke and prod, but I’m glad to hold a healthy little sparring match. Must be all that fencing on the Olympics lately…

    Let’s just see equal space allotted to the candidates. When can we expect the mp3 of that pro-McCain Big & Rich song, Billy? (Yeck.)


  6. mccain will make this blog when he comes to my home town and i get a chance to hear him speak. seeing as how that probably won’t happen… mccain probably won’t be mentioned here on TWF.


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