The Walkmen

One of my favorite bands has released their latest album and I must say it is quite brilliant.  In a smooth step The Walkmen have chosen to release their album, You & Me, exclusively on music retailer Amie Street’s web store.  The full album download is only five dollars and for each album purchased five dollars is donated to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.  You can download individual tracks, buy the full album, or stream the entire album simply by following this link.

I love the fact that these boys from New York have released their album for a mere five dollars and I’m also pleased they chose to do so with a nontraditional retailer {aka not iTunes}.  The fact that each album sale helps fight cancer is the icing on the cake.  Kudos to The Walkmen.

mp3 : The Walkmen – In the New Year
mp3 : The Walkmen – Four Provinces

The album is full of amazing songs.  I’m not yet sure if this album is at the same level as Bows+Arrows, but I must say up front that it is a classic Walkmen creation.  Almost every track contains sprawling guitar soundscapes and Dylanesque style vocals.  There are ballads as well as rockers here on You & Me and from the start to the end you’ll love every second.  And saying that is saying a lot.  The album clocks in at over fifty minutes in length and contains fourteen tracks.  For a five dollar download this is one album whose value simply cannot be beat.  I would look for You & Me to be all over top ten lists in a few months {I’m almost sure it will be on mine}.

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5 thoughts on “The Walkmen”

  1. I feel the same way you do about The Walkmen-their music seems to be just getting better and better and I can’t wait to catch them in Atlanta the next time they roll down here.I just hope everyone else in the world doesn’t start totally going nuts over them like me,or I’d never get good seats at their shows!


  2. hope you get good seats. they are spectacular live. i saw them at a festival in florida this spring and luckily for me i could literally stand in the front row. not a lot of diehard fans down there.


  3. these songs are killer… I’m probably going to get this album as soon as I have internet connection at my house… That’s awesome that they’re donating $5 for every album bought to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. These guys are just getting cooler and cooler.


  4. I got to see these guys at Outside Lands and they fucking rocked!
    I wish they weren’t cut off (due to time) because it was one of the few bands that left me wanting more.
    The album is great and played nonstop from my drive home (S.F. to L.A.)


  5. I love this album. I picked it up a few weeks ago and has been played heavily in my rotation ever since. I love the dynamics and emotion in every song.

    Sweet site by the way, this is my first visit.

    If you have the time to visit a vastly inferior blog, check out my site


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