Zach Williams live July 3

Dusty Brown is playing an album release show next Thursday, July 3rd, and a very talented friend of mine will be there to play a set as well.  If you are anywhere in the remote vicinity of the Mercury Lounge I strongly encourage you to go and treat yourself to one of the most talented young singer songwriters in New York.  I’ve mentioned Zach Williams many times here on The World Forgot and because of my humble exposure I’ve received a lot of email thanking me for the musical introduction.  I’ve even received a handful of notes proclaiming how great Zach was to see in concert and how affable and personable he was to chat with after his set was over.

mp3 : Zach Williams – All My Love (Live at Southpaw)
mp3 : Zach Williams – Take Care (Live at Rockwood Music Hall)

In a recent interview I mentioned that Zach Williams was one of the best kept secrets in the American music scene and I still feel that way today.  This show will give you a chance to see Zach play before he makes it big.  This show will give you all the indie credibility you need when five years from now you can sit back and say, “yeah, well I saw Zach play a little show in NY before you even knew who he was.”  And of course you can thank me for giving you this little insight into the musical gem that Zach is, but I’d rather you get out and see his show at the Mercury Lounge.  It’s next Thursday, July 3, and it should kick off at 8:00.

Do me a favor, do Zach a favor, do the local music scene a favor, or do your girlfriend a favor and take her to see Zach Williams.  And make sure you say hi to him after the show.  You’ll probably leave friends.

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9 thoughts on “Zach Williams live July 3”

  1. Zach Williams is the best. Just caught a small private concert in GA and he was wonderful. Remember to say hi to his beautiful glowing wife…Stacy.
    Wish I could be there July my heart & prayers,
    Aunt Narda


  2. i’m simply glad to see i’m not the only zach williams fan on the planet. he truly deserves good fans and a lot of people in attendance.


  3. “Do me a favor, do Zach a favor, do the local music scene a favor, or do your girlfriend a favor and take her to see Zach Williams.”

    For some reason I thought you were just going to end that sentence like this “…do the local music scene a favor, or do your girlfriend.” That would have been awkward in the most wonderful way. Either way, Zach’s really growing on me the more you post about him.


  4. i do what i can to help the music. i’m glad so many people have found out how great zach is. i wish i could be at the show, but alas i live nowhere close to new york. sigh.


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